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Client Overview

Schmid & Rhodes is a construction company that works to provide finely-crafted, high-end luxury homes for over thirty years.

Marked by best-in-class craftsmanship and supported by their devoted team, Schmid & Rhodes’ custom homes and renovations exceed their clients’ expectations and bring their families joy for generations. Schmid & Rhodes’ standing in the East Tennessee homebuilding community rests on their spirit of humility, integrity, and excellence.

The Challenge

While Schmid & Rhodes has an impressive portfolio of beautifully designed and constructed homes, they did not possess a means to properly display their work. There are a variety of different avenues that can be taken to showcase portfolios digitally, but after deliberation, it was determined that a custom branded website was the appropriate solution.

Our Solution

Our team worked to create a user-friendly solution to illustrate Schmid & Rhodes’ extensive list of projects. Being that each project contained a large amount of high-quality imagery, we designed an easy-to-navigate gallery to access each individual project page. Each page then contained detailed project descriptions while positively showcasing the associated construction project.

The Results

Web Design

Schmid & Rhodes now has a beautifully branded website to showcase their work, which assists them in acquiring new residential construction projects. Schmid & Rhodes aims to provide the best-in-class craftsmanship and precision to their clients, and their digital portfolio is now a direct representation of their core value as a renowned construction company.

Color Palette

Booklet Content And Design

In addition to the website, our team designed a printed project booklet to accompany Schmid & Rhodes’ new digital presence. The booklet displays a variety of projects that compliment those listed on the website, complete with high-quality project images and custom, tailored content written by the BigWheel team.

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