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Client Overview

Parishsoft, a Ministry Brands product, is a browser-based church management software that’s used in more than 9,000 parishes and more than 185 archdioceses across the United States and Canada.

ParishSOFT is designed to help improve communication between parishes, their parishioners, and their diocese. ParishSOFT also manages all aspects of the Church’s ministry, including sacramental records, giving history, religious education programs, volunteer records, accounting information, and more.

The Challenge

ParishSOFT serves two different customers — parishes and dioceses — and those customers have vastly different needs and expectations of a church management software. Customers found ParishSOFT’s old website confusing and hard to navigate, and the user journey was so complicated that customers would leave the site without completing a contact form or signing up for a demo.

ParishSOFT also wanted to update the look and feel of their website, bringing it more in line with other major SaaS companies. The client wanted a new design that would feel modern but also reflect the traditions of the Church.

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Full page preview Parishsoft

Our Solution

Our team analyzed ParishSOFT’s Google Analytics traffic and identified areas of the website that confused people and led to them leaving. We started a new sitemap from the ground up, reorganizing the site’s information into a logical hierarchy that led users through the site, page by page, helping them understand ParishSOFT’s products and services in a clear, linear way.

The Results

Web Design And Illustration

While not a complete rebrand, we updated the brand to appeal to church leaders and influencers while also creating a clean, modern, eye-catching SaaS website design. To ease navigation, we designed a mega-dropdown menu, making it easy to see at a glance how each product is organized within the software suite. We also created custom illustrations and iconography to use throughout the new design as well as in ParishSOFT’s print collateral.

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Color Palette

Ebook Content And Design

To help push customers through ParishSOFT’s marketing funnel, our team wrote and designed an eBook for ParishSOFT to use as a lead magnet in its digital marketing campaigns. We also planned and created content for a corresponding email nurture sequence to help ParishSOFT’s marketing team keep in touch with leads and drive conversions.

“Ministry Brands first approached BigWheel looking to redesign ParishSOFT’s old website. We chose BigWheel for this project as it quickly became clear that their focus aligned with our goals.

While the website needed a fresh look, we needed to couple it with measurable improvements to the buyer’s journey and engagement metrics. The whole process began with an overhaul of the website architecture. This lead into improving and reducing the menu and URL structure with user experience and search optimization closely considered. From there, the steps through the project were clear and concise with the website gaining fidelity through content structuring, wire-frames, and design.

The carefully thought out process resulted in our final website being exactly as we expected, excellent! As a critical part of the website redevelopment work we found that BigWheel was proactive about researching and understanding our customers. Their content and design teams created a fantastic email nurture campaign and added value to our brand through a well written eBook for us to use as a lead magnet for our web forms.

Their transparent process and upholding of tried and tested methods for successful website redesigns really helped us bring this brand up to speed in a competitive SaaS market.”

Jason Simons

Director of Digital Marketing | Ministry Brands

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