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What is PowerSlide?

February 17, 2021

PowerSlide is a scalable website and digital marketing platform purpose-built to allow total connection between manufacturers and independent dealers. BigWheel created custom DMS integrations to help manufacturers overcome certain challenges:

  • Making sure online shoppers have the information they need at every step to ensure a stress-free customer journey 
  • Maintaining uniform branding, and up-to-date product information and specifications among independent dealer websites
  • Dealers often lack the resources and savvy for digital marketing, website design and maintenance, configuring and using a Customer Relationship Management (CRM), and integrating a Dealer Management System (DMS) to be competitive in a digital marketplace.

BigWheel’s PowerSlide platform facilitates better relationships between manufacturers with dealers, and dealers with customers, which increases sales of the manufacturer’s products.

Powerslide Advantages

Each PowerSlide website allows for custom integrations between dealer and manufacturer, creating greater ease of use for dealers and better communication between dealers and manufacturers. By having manufacturers supply media and the product information to dealers, website inventory is kept current and on-brand.

Independent dealers also now manage their own search engine optimized websites. The website and integrated CRM workflow are completely customizable to individual dealer preferences. Dealership management can monitor digital ad spending, campaign tracking, and lead tracking and nurturing, without investing significant resources.

Opening Doors For Clayton Homes

Clayton Homes and a national network of independent dealers needed to overcome shared challenges in the manufactured and modular housing industry listed above.

How did PowerSlide address those challenges, as well as increase sales for Clayton Homes and independent dealers?

Clayton Homes is the largest builder of manufactured and modular homes in the United States. Over the past year, Clayton Homes and the manufactured housing industry have experienced a record boom in sales. Clayton Homes, for example, sold nearly 55,000 homes in 2020. This success stems from the company striving “to be extraordinary at every customer touchpoint, creating not only a happy customer, but a seamless entry into new homeownership.”

For an industry experiencing skyrocketing sales, this incentivizes manufacturers to provide dealers with extraordinary support.

The independent dealers around the country who sell manufactured and modular homes play a pivotal role in helping the manufacturer build and maintain close relationships with customers. Local dealers who are long-established members of their communities can get closer to customers than a national company can on its own. 

Impact of COVID-19 

Furthermore, after nearly 13 months of the COVID-19 pandemic, new health protocols and personal habits have driven even more shoppers online. Research from McKinsey shows that “big, trusted brands,” i.e. companies like Clayton Homes, are seeing tremendous growth over the past year.

It’s now more important than ever to pre-qualify customers for financing online, offer up-to-date inventory, and improve one’s sales and marketing funnels with a CRM.

Advantages of PowerSlide

For manufacturers like Clayton Homes who rely on independent dealers to present their products to customers around the country, they must have uniform practices and performance standards for dealers and treat them all with equal consideration while recognizing that they are independent and unique in many ways.

Another primary consideration is that dealers carry inventory from multiple manufacturers. PowerSlide is a resource that can be offered and supported by a manufacturer while leaving the dealer autonomous to feature all of their inventory as they see fit.

Individual dealerships must continually update website inventory with details of floor plans, photos, 3D virtual tours, and model home descriptions, often multiple times per week, with a consistent presentation of product information. Quality assets and model information also vary from dealer to dealer. 

Success in Mississippi

Magnolia Estates, a manufactured home dealer with locations in PearlVicksburg and Brookhaven, Mississippi, experienced impressive results within six months:

  • 263% increase in new website visitors 
  • 80% of their online leads converting into deposits 
  • 2x sales increase at one of their locations 
  • 19% increase in Facebook followers

By addressing these challenges with PowerSlide, Clayton Homes helps local dealers sell more of their products. 

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