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How We Tripled a Client’s Return on Ad Spend with Google Ads

July 23, 2020

Founded in 1889, F. Schumacher & Co. is a family-owned interior design company based in New York City. Schumacher saw an opportunity to use digital marketing to grow its wallpaper sales online. 

The Schumacher team had never run an e-commerce campaign before, so they approached BigWheel to help them design, run, and actively manage their first digital marketing campaign. Schumacher wanted to start with a limited budget, so our team at BigWheel worked with them to carve out a niche audience to fit their budget and create digital ads that drive conversions. BigWheel built Schumacher’s digital marketing campaign, and over time gathered enough data to make strategic decisions about what to tweak to make the campaign more effective. 

After optimizing the campaign, Schumacher averaged $9 in revenue for every $1 spent on digital advertising.


Before working with BigWheel, Schumacher had never experimented with e-commerce, and their team wasn’t sure if it would work for their brand. The team decided to restrict the campaign to its wallpaper products and keep the budget small.

Schumacher’s goal was to get $3.50 in revenue for every $1 spent on digital advertising. To make the project successful, our team had to make every dollar work hard.


To make Schumacher’s digital marketing project successful with a limited budget, our team had to make the most of every dollar. Since we needed to show an ROI quickly, we kept the cost-per-click low so that the cost-per-conversion would be economically viable for them. 

To carve out a niche audience that matched Schumacher’s test budget, we manually set a low cost-per-click and analyzed the results to find the optimal bidding range, allowing us to choose a range of bids that would be healthy enough for ads to show up in auctions and produce low cost-per-conversion.

PPC accounts are all unique with their own set of challenges, but BigWheel approaches each account with a similar goal in mind: get a low CPC and a high conversion rate. 

This may seem simple enough, but there are several factors that go into accomplishing this goal. Ensuring a client has relevant keywords that fit into their budget can make or break the campaign. 

Google’s goal is to display the most relevant organic and paid ads in the SERPs. An ad that is not relevant to a search term will not receive a high CTR. A high CTR signifies to Google that the ad is relevant which can bump up the quality score of a particular keyword. 

A high-quality score can help the CPC decrease over time, resulting in a low CPC, high conversion rate, and low cost-per-conversion.

Strategy: Google Shopping

Our Strategy: Run shopping ads for wallpaper and keep a low CPC to get a higher cost-per-conversion. 

These shopping ads helped Schumacher show for searches that were specifically for “Schumacher Wallpaper,” but they also helped Schumacher show for more generic searches that cost less per click but still convert well. 

Over time — with enough data — we were able to creep up the CPC so that Schumacher ads would show for more auctions and give Schumacher a healthy cost-per-conversion.

Google Shopping Campaign Results:

Impressions: 1.5 Million
Conversions: 197
Return On Advertising Spend: $6

Strategy: Search

Our Strategy: Branded search ads are ordinarily associated with higher CTR and conversion rates, so BigWheel incorporated this campaign to bolster Schumacher wallpaper searches. 

These search ads included dynamic search ads which are associated with higher CTR since the ads change to what the user is searching. Search ads take time to gain traction since Google factors CTR into the Quality Score, so in the second and third month of the campaign, Schumacher started to see a higher conversion rate. 

The high return on ad spend for the shopping ads carried the lower conversions on this campaign in the first two months which balanced out by month three.

Search Campaign Results: 

Impressions: 61,000
Conversions: 34
Click-Through-Rate: 2.85%
Return On Advertising Spend: $4.88

Strategy: Display

Our Strategy: The display campaign worked with the search and shopping campaign by retargeting the users that clicked on those ads. Display campaigns by default have a lower CTR (around .50% on average), but this one was closer to .8% for the life of the campaign. 

The display ads serve to keep Schumacher top of mind to already engaged users as they show ads across the Google Display Network. 

On average, a customer has 10 touchpoints with your brand before she converts. For Schumacher, we used Display, Shopping, and Search campaigns to help stay in front of potential customers at different times and in different places.

Display Campaign Results:

Impressions: 673,000

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