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Client Overview

Lightning Bolt Solutions is an AI-powered cloud-based physician scheduling application that optimizes provider workflows and operations for major hospital systems and physician practices across the country. Lightning Bolt’s application is used across a variety of specialties, including radiology, anesthesiology, cardiology, and emergency medicine.

The Challenge

For major hospital systems, implementing a physician scheduling software like Lightning Bolt can be revolutionary, improving patient access and reducing physician burnout. But the Lightning Bolt team was having trouble reaching its extremely niche audience with digital advertising.

Even after increasing their advertising budget, they didn’t see the results they wanted. Most of their conversions were from people who clicked their ads by mistake when looking for the closest hospital or doctor’s office, and because healthcare-specific keywords have high cost-per-click, those unqualified clicks burned through Lightning Bolt’s budget.

iLLUSTRATION lightning bolt BigWheel work
iLLUSTRATION lightning bolt BigWheel worked

Our Solution

Our team took over Lightning Bolt’s Google Ads account and put together a plan to target their niche audience. We created a negative keyword strategy to filter out unqualified leads, and we worked with Lightning Bolt to set up specific campaigns for each of the healthcare specialties they wanted to target — radiology, cardiology, and others — and craft tailored messages for each specialty.

The Results

Google Ads Management

Within the first month of taking over the account, our team reduced Lightning Bolt’s advertising spend by 66.25% while producing the same number of conversions. Because of our keyword strategy, Lightning Bolt started receiving more qualified leads, instead of people looking for doctor’s appointments.

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“Creative, funny, sharp, and dynamic, BigWheel really is the A-team. With their help and expertise, we elevated our content strategy and turned our digital marketing into a well-oiled machine, cutting our spend in half while generating better results. The BigWheel team is seriously talented and a joy to work with, and any company without them is missing out.”

Rachel W.

Marketing Communications Manager | Lightning Bolt

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