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Client Overview

In 2017, Disney launched DisneyNOW, an app that replaced its Disney Channel, Disney XD, and Disney Junior apps. With the new app, Disney is bringing together movies, TV shows, and games from its three networks. Our team designed and developed a custom flexible quiz engine for the new DisneyNOW app, allowing users to test themselves and take quizzes about the Disney movie or TV show they just watched.

The Challenge

Disney has had great success using online quizzes as a user-engagement tool, but with their outdated software, creating new quizzes and managing existing ones was time-consuming. The Disney team wanted to replace its outdated quiz engine with a more modern and flexible quiz engine that would allow them to manage their quizzes and track user engagement more easily. We worked with the Disney team to determine the overall look and feel of the app, the types of questions and responses, and the best way to record and export analytic data.

Disney Mick Mouse Abstract Vector
Disney App Preview Iphone

Our Solution

Our team started the project by analyzing Disney’s existing quiz engine’s design and how users interacted with it. With this information, we were able to design and build a new quiz engine that took what was working and significantly expanded the functionality. Our team designed several different types of quizzes with varying question-and-answer responses.

The Results

Wireframe and Web Design

Designed and developed to be a flexible solution, the new Disney quiz app features three types of quizzes: trivia, best match, and poll. Any type of quiz can use text, images, video, and audio for questions, answers, and a final response. With the new quiz engine, the Disney team can create new quizzes and hub themes and schedule quiz releases in coordination with television and streaming premieres. Disney administrators can also view and export reports for individual quizzes and view system-wide reports as well.

Results wireframes disney
Disney Preview Ipad

Trivia — Correct or Incorrect

Single or Multiple Questions One Correct Answer Per Question Single or Multiple Responses Based on Scores

Best Match — Personality Quiz

Single or Multiple Questions Single or Multiple Final Responses Based on Matching

Poll — Choose a Response

Single or Multiple Questions Responses Displayed as Percentages

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