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Client Overview

Craft Beer Link is a progressive web app that connects independent breweries with retailers, making it quick and easy to stock bars and restaurants with the latest microbrews from local breweries.

The Challenge

Even with the exploding popularity of craft beer over the last few years, stocking microbrews in pubs and restaurants is complicated.

Local Breweries don’t have a good way to let local retailers know what’s available, and retailers don’t know what’s out there. Retailers have to call, text, or email their contacts at each individual brewery just to place an order. That’s a lot of wasted time.

So when a Knoxville-based entrepreneur came to us with an idea for a web application that would connect breweries with retailers and make the purchasing process easier, we couldn’t wait to get started.

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Our Solution

The BigWheel team analyzed and mapped out the project and its objectives before recommending an off-the-shelf framework that would allow for custom functionality and the production of a proof of concept. With client approval, BigWheel began the development of Craft Beer Link, a one-of-a-kind solution for craft beer sales.

For the frontend of Craft Beer Link, the BigWheel development team designed and built a fast and flexible single-page web application that would allow the user to browse available beers, find local breweries and filter search results without waiting for each individual page to load. As a single-page web application, Craft Beer Link loads all the available data at launch so that the user would get a smooth, fluid, and instantaneous experience navigating around the app.

With Craft Beer Link, breweries aren’t dependent on distributors to represent their product to retailers; instead, they can do it themselves. In the Craft Beer Link app, breweries upload details about their beers — including pictures, ABV, IBU, style, sub-style, descriptions, container types, and more — and connect with pubs, bars, restaurants, and other retailers directly.

For retailers, on the other hand, the Craft Beer Link app gives them a digital marketplace to browse craft beer available to them in their area. Retailers can filter their searches based on ABV range, IBU range, style, sub-style, and packaging format. Because Craft Beer Link only displays beers each retailer can legally purchase, retailers don’t have to wade through beers they can’t buy.

The Results

Custom App Development

In less than six months, BigWheel went from idea to fully developed idea. Our team mapped out, developed, and launched the Craft Beer Link beta as a single-page web app used by breweries and retailers all over Knox County to drive more craft beer sales. This single-page web app has transformed the way the Knox County craft brewery market buys and sells craft beer. After its successful beta in Knox County, Craft Beer Link is looking to expand to other counties outside of East Tennessee.

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