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Google Shopping Gives Online Retailers More Bang for Their Buck

April 16, 2020

Google Shopping continues to grow in popularity with digital marketers since these campaigns are often associated with high click-through-rate (CTR) and low cost-per-click (CPC).

These metrics are essential to a successful ecommerce campaign, especially since online retailers focus on the bottom line: What’s my ROI?

Pay-per-click (PPC) is an excellent way to drive traffic and conversions, but Google Shopping is the reigning champ for ecommerce in 2019.

Here’s why your online business needs to launch a Google Shopping campaign today.

  1. GOOGLE SHOPPING ADS ARE VISUAL“A picture is worth a thousand words” isn’t just a cliche. People, namely shoppers, respond to a photo of a product quicker than a description of a product.Google Shopping ads by default put all pertinent product information above the search results. Each product listing ad displays the title of a product, photos, reviews, and the cost. Reviews show up if there are three or more reviews for a single product.Google displays all of this information in real time, as a user enters a search query. That immediacy has a powerful impact on click-through-rates and conversions.
  2. GOOGLE SHOPPING IS ASSOCIATED WITH HIGHER ROASGoogle Shopping is often touted for the higher return on ad spend. Google Shopping ads have high visibility which results in more clicks. Higher click-through-rates improves an account’s quality score which helps lower the overall cost-per-click.Spending less on a click that leads to a conversion will help the overall ROAS (return on ad spend) increase.For example, if you spend $.50 on a click, and the sale is $10, then your ROAS is 20. For every $.50 you spent, you got $20 back. If the click cost $1 then your ROAS would be 10. A good quality score will help your account get more for less over time. Higher CTR for a relevant search query is one way to accomplish this.
  3. GOOGLE SHOPPING ADS REACH MORE PEOPLEGoogle Shopping is popular with retailers that have a large product feed since multiple products can show for one search query. One retailer can dominate the search results, which can give more meaning to the click a user takes.Once this user has seen a portion of your catalog and chooses a product to click, you know they are aware of pertinent product information and are more likely to convert.

Google Shopping is great for ecommerce since its highly visual nature leads to more clicks. It may be tempting to opt for a digital marketing campaign that only contains Google Shopping, but there are many touch points along the user journey.

A full digital marketing campaign for ecommerce that includes display, search, and shopping ensures your business is in front of possible customers no matter where they land on the sales funnel. BigWheel is well versed in managing the online presence for online retailers. If your online store is ready to see some ROI then give us a call today!