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5 Questions to Ask Yourself to Find Out if Your Company Is Ready for a New Website

June 25, 2019

When’s the last time you analyzed your company’s website? Have you looked through each page to ensure everything is correct, updated, and easy to maneuver throughout – even going further and digging into your Google Analytics dashboard? 

Many people struggle to  find the time to review their site. However, it puts your company at an enormous disadvantage when competitors are keeping their digital presence updated and modern. Your site is one of your most visible marketing channels, however, it’s only as good as the time you put into it. 

Ask yourself the following quick questions to know if your website is ready for a refresh: 

1. Does our website still reflect our brand? 

A company’s brand is more than its logo and colors. It encompasses your company’s values, voice and tone in your content, and even the culture of your internal team. 

2. When’s the last time we updated our information, and does it still apply? 

We’ve met with clients to discuss their website, talking through the services we’ve read on their site. Countless times we hear the phrase, “Oh. That shouldn’t be on there,” or “We don’t provide that service anymore.” At least once a quarter (if not more) you should be tackling the information on your site to ensure the information is correct, understandable, and SEO friendly.

3. What’s the goal of our website today?

Is the goal of your website to provide information? Do you solely want to focus on conversions (product purchases, phone calls, form submissions, newsletter signups, etc.)? The goal of your website has most likely changed over time as your business has evolved. Think through the top goals of your company and see how your website aligns with those goals. 

4. Have our customers given us any feedback on the website?

Your customers can be your biggest asset when deciding how to move forward with designing and developing a new website – especially when a new customer finds you from searching your website. Gain feedback from them: Did you easily find what you were looking for? Did you understand the information provided? Are we missing anything on the site that could help you? 

5. If you’ve answered the questions above and feel like you want to move forward on a new website. What’s your budget? 

Depending on your functionality needs, a fully custom, well-designed and developed site takes a lot of time and attention. It’s the optimum time during the early stages to have an initial conversation with an agency to discuss the wants and needs for your new website. 

During this discovery phase, BigWheel learns first about your business and goals before diving into website needs. Lean on the website experts to present recommendations of investment for your website. There are various approaches to designing and building a new website, so be sure to ask for those options. 

If you’d like to discuss your ideas or needs for a new website, reach out!