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The Bravos - Powered By Chevrolet


In June, Andy Cohen from the popular Bravo television show, Watch What Happens Live (see video above), announced Bravo would be presenting a new, non-traditional celebrity filled award show called, The Bravos.  Learn more about the awards in this article by Bravo TV's sister network, E!. The Bravos, Powered By Chevrolet, has twelve fun and unique categories that range from the “Biggest Bravoholic” to “The Most Socially Driven: Powered by Chevrolet Cruze.”

The public was responsible for choosing who they think should receive the awards for each category. Some of the nominees for The Bravos include celebrities such as Ryan Seacrest, Mariah Carey, Khloe Kardashian and John Legend. BigWheel is proud to have powered the voting for the program using the Voices Heard Media polling engine. The voting for the awards ended on July 15th and in that time over 1 milllion votes were cast and the event was shared thousands of times.

Winners will be announced, tomorrow, July 20th.  Make sure you tune in to Bravo TV at 10/9c to find out who will be taking home an award.

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