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BigWheel's Quiet Cool Factor

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At BigWheel, our culture is built on a foundation of hard work, passionate people, and a little bit of beer.

We recently unveiled our state-of-the-art space, with its huge floor-to-ceiling windows, airy open concept, and ergonomic standing desks. But beyond our office, we’re proud to participate in a culture that values the mental and physical well-being of employees.

“We’re a family-oriented team who works hard and enjoys a good work/life balance,” Vice President of Sales, Paula Soloman, says. “The team is comprised of people who are all experts in their respective fields and who genuinely make a difference for our clients. We have a quiet ‘cool factor’ that is appealing to our clients and employees.”

PTO and Paddleboards

Communal paddleboards, access to the trails of Volunteer Landing, and an eat-in kitchen are just a few of the perks provided to health-conscious team members. Ping pong and foosball tables also offer a low-key way to move during the workday.

Our culture is flexible and always evolving alongside the latest industry trends. Recently, we became part of the 1% of employers to implement unlimited vacation, allowing employees to take off as many days as they want as long as deadlines are met and clients are happy. Employees are encouraged to take care of a sick kid or take a family vacation when needed.

“Beer and foosball is obviously important,” CEO Parker Frost says. “But so is a healthy, family-focused lifestyle.”

Software Developer, Philip Kirkham, a lifelong astronomy enthusiast, mentions that this flexible policy allows him to take his daughters to see the upcoming solar eclipse.

“My daughters’ school is cancelled that day, so I’ll be able to take them to watch the eclipse from the center of the path totality,” he says. “It’s the sort of memory-making opportunity that maybe happens once in 10 lifetimes. Not having to worry about pouring over a calendar or budgeting what a day of PTO now means for holiday plans is a huge relief.”

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