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BigWheel Announces Sponsorship With Tour Professionals

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We’re big fans of all things fun—especially when it involves athletes passionate about being the best on the green.

To help support this winning attitude, we’re proud to announce our sponsorship with PGA Tour players, Ben Silverman and Tim Madigan.

You’ll hear a lot about these guys in the next few months, so it’s only fitting that we give them a formal introduction.

Meet Ben

Coming off a top 10 finish at the Qualifying School in Orlando, Fla., in December of 2016, Ben Silverman earned exempt status on the Tour for 2017. This is Ben’s second season on the Tour. In 13 events this season, he’s recorded four top 25 finishes and one top 10. Previously, he competed on the Mackenzie Tour in 2015, earning two Top 5 and four Top 10 finishes. As a native of Thornhill, Ont., one of Ben’s greatest accomplishments to date is playing in the 2014 RBC Canadian Open.

When he’s not competing, Ben enjoys finding new restaurants on the road, and spending time with his wife Morgan. The two are expecting their first child in the next few weeks! You can follow Ben on Twitter and Instagram.

Meet Tim

This is Tim Madigan’s third year on the Tour. During that time, he’s recorded 13 top 25 finishes. A native of Las Cruzes, N.M., Tim attended college at New Mexico State. Prior to being on the Tour, he competed on the Mackenzie Tour where he won the 2014 Players Cup of Canada, earning an automatic exemption into the RBC Canadian Open.

At each tournament, Tim and his wife Deb stop find a local charity and donate their time.

Check back for more info on Ben and Tim as they compete!

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